Are there mosquitoes in Vinaros?

Mosquitoes in Vinaros

If you want to go on vacation in Spain, you may be wondering if there are mosquitoes in Vinaros?

sun and water

The Vinaros region is sublimated by the sun and the heat for a good part of the year. And both locals and tourists necessarily appreciate the weather in Vinaros .

Located 150 km north of Valencia, this pretty historic town attracts tourists looking for a peaceful and sunny place that lives all year round. Besides, a lot of families stay there. The city is thus organized around its port. Indeed, fishing has long been an important activity in the area, like the vine elsewhere. The main sandy beach is near the port. North side, know that the city has developed a lot, along the coast.

Moreover, at the level of the beaches in Vinaros the choice is important and diversified. There are 4 beaches in Vinaros near the town: two sandy beaches, a pebble beach and a cove.

The most popular beaches are around the harbor and are made of sand. They are very well equipped and you can practice many activities there.

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Vinaros .


But who says beautiful beaches and heat also says mosquitoes!

The Vinaros region is well endowed with water points, so indeed, it does attract mosquitoes a bit.

How to limit the presence of mosquitoes

The Town Hall of Vinaros regularly applies larvicide to limit mosquitoes in the vicinity of Vinaros in areas where there are water points. For example, at the request of local residents, the Colonia Europa and Salinas cliff areas, which are often affected, were treated with an insecticide. The latter regulates the growth of mosquito larvae and interrupts their mutation. This prevents the formation of adult mosquitoes. The municipal department of Vinaros in charge of the environment recalls the importance of respect for prevention instructions by the inhabitants, such as, for example, to avoid the accumulation of stagnant water.

One of the good gestures is to “throw away old cans, buckets or containers that contain water. You can keep garbage cans covered and anything that can store water to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Several years ago, Vinaròs also installed a reinforcement to fumigate and try to stem the presence of mosquitoes. The logic is also to counter tiger mosquitoes, which are the ones that cause the most discomfort.

There are also a lot of tips to avoid mosquitoes:

  • Diffuse essential oils

Lemongrass is well known for repelling mosquitoes. Indeed, it contains molecules called citronellol and geraniol. They scramble the nervous system of mosquitoes and disrupt their bearings.

Admittedly, its action is limited in time. It should also not be used near pregnant women who are breastfeeding and children under 3 years old. While this isn’t the most effective method of mosquito control, it isn’t unpleasant.

You can also combine lemongrass essential oil with Rosat geranium oil, which contains more citronellol, or with Palmarosa oil, also called Indian geranium.

Chamomile essential oil is also a good mosquito repellent.

  • Use cloves

We don’t always know it, but the smell of cloves repels mosquitoes very effectively.

To do this, cut a lime in half and then prick each of the lemon halves with 15 cloves. Then place them on a plate in the area where you want to prevent mosquitoes from coming.

  • Plant mosquito repellent plants

Some flowers are good mosquito repellents: petunias, lavender, nasturtiums, marigolds, calendulas and of course geraniums are plants that combine business with pleasure. Aromatic plants such as mint, lemon balm, lemon thyme or basil will also keep mosquitoes at bay

You can plant them in a planter or arrange them on your windowsills.

  • Coat the skin with a natural mosquito repellent

There are also chemical repellents sold in pharmacies. If you want to opt for healthier products, you can apply monoi on your skin. Resulting from the maceration of tiare flowers in dried coconut oil, monoi is a two-in-one product.

And if you like lemony smells, you can grind some lemon balm leaves and rub your bare skin. You can also do this with the tomato leaves.

  • Use a fan

The mosquito is a light insect that weighs less than 10 mg. To prevent it from flying towards you, use a fan that can blow air at a speed of 70 km/h. This is probably the most natural and least chemical way to get rid of mosquitoes.

  • Put soap in water

It’s a smart trap for you to have a dinner party outside without worrying about mosquitoes. Fill several soup plates with soapy water and arrange them around the space you occupy. You can also use a lemon dishwashing liquid which is more effective in attracting mosquitoes which will drown, weighed down by the action of the soap.

So, enjoy the beautiful season in Vinaros, without being bothered by mosquitoes!