What are the best beaches in Vinaros?

One of the assets of Vinaros is that this pretty historical life, easily accessible, has very pretty beaches that I suggest you discover at a glance.

Cala Puntal Beach

It is one of the most beautiful coves in the Vinaros region but also one of the most typical with its golden frame. With its vegetation and in particular its palm trees, it is really attractive. It is mainly a gravel and pebble beach.

Cala Aiguaoliva (dog beach in Vinaros)

The creeks are also a superb opportunity to discover the coast. A stone’s throw from Vinaros, Cala Aiguaoliva is sublime and worth the detour.
This beach surrounded by greenery is located at the southern end of the town of Vinaros. It is located at the mouth of the Aiguadoliva ravine and borders Benicarló. This sand, gravel and pebble beach is also accessible to dogs. Located next to Cala Puntal beach.

Forti Beach

On the Azahar Coast, Forti Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vinaros. It is ideally located near the city center and rather large because it is 715 meters long. Its other advantage is to offer white sand, very fine and soft. It is bordered by a few rocks which gives it a lot of contrasts and variety.

The water is clean and there are not too many people, it is one of the quite ideal beaches if you come with your family.

There are many activities you can do there: idleness, reading of course, but also pedal boating at the level of the port jetty.

Fora Forat Beach

This easily accessible beach offers a pretty postcard with its golden sand and the palm trees that surround it. You can reach it from the city center by taking the Fora del Forat maritime walkway. It is very practical because it offers a lot of equipment and services to enjoy a day in the sun: restaurants, sports area… It is located on the northern part of Fortí beach.

Clot Beach

This fine sandy beach is one of the most frequented in Vinaros by families with children. It must be said that it is easily accessible because it is located near the city center, next to the port and the arenas, but also because the sea is shallow there. It is located at the maritime alley of Ribera on the south coast.

Deveses Beach

This large cove surrounded by cliffs is located in the tourist area of northern Vinaros. It is in fact really at the limit of the natural park Jardí Sòl de Riu. It is made of sand and pebbles. Access is easy and in addition, there is a bus stop for those who are not transported.

Cove of the Llanete

There too, a very pretty beach not to be missed! This large cove is in the tourist area of northern Vinaros. It has beautiful cliffs that give it all its charm. Covered with gravel and pebbles, it is a great place to relax but also to go scuba diving. This beach is also allowed for dogs.

Cala des Pinets

This pretty cove is located in the southern tourist region of Vinaros. This is a quiet little gravel cove. It is near an urban area, an ideal place to land so if you are taking a walk in the area.

Bola Fondo Cove

Located in the southern tourist area of Vinaros, this semi-urban cove offers a charming little pebble beach. The waves are gentle and the water very clear and beautiful.

Timbes Cove

It is a small cove located in the tourist area of northern Vinaros made up of gravel and coarse sand. It is easily accessible and will allow you to swim peacefully. You can also go scuba diving here.

Naturist beach Riu de la Sénia

Riu de la Sénia beach is ideal for those who practice nudism as it is located a little away from the crowds. 150 meters long and 10 meters wide, the swell is moderate. It is a pebble beach, hence perhaps its less frequentation.

As you can see, there are many beaches, coves and creeks in the Vinaros region. Don’t hesitate to let us know your tips and favorite beaches!