Your direct rental site in Vinaros

RentalVinarosJR is our website for renting holiday homes in Vinaros directly from the owner, both in the city center and on the south coast.

Thanks to this, you will not pay the additional commissions that you would pay when renting from a real estate agency.

We are a family from Vinaros and we have been living for more than 40 years on the south coast of our town. We were one of the first families to inhabit this beautiful coastal area of our city.

Our houses, both those in the center of Vinaros and those on the south coast / Cala puntal, are very functional and are all located near beaches and coves.

Why did we create this website in French?

For years we have had houses focused on vacation rentals. Before the Internet boom, we rented our houses to French newspapers and the result was always good, both for our tenants and for ourselves.

The truth is that we are very sympathetic to our neighboring country, we even have children who have studied and worked in their country.

Moreover, for many years, many of our French tenants have preferred to make trips to Spain, from Saturday to Saturday. This is perfect for us because on Saturdays we can better take care of rents, our jobs and our businesses.

Thank you for reading this little article. Whether you rent one of our houses or not, we wish you a pleasant stay in Vinaros … You will surely like our city!