What to do in Vinaros in summer?

Walks, beaches, sports, outings…. There are plenty of things to do in the summer in Vinaros! It is true that this beautiful historic life has many assets  ! Overview of things to do in summer in Vinaros.

  1. The beaches

Of course, when you come to Vinaros, it’s to enjoy the sun, idleness and pretty beaches. On this subject in Virnaros, you are spoiled for choice  !

The beaches of Forti, Fora del Forat and Le Clot are easily accessible  

You can also discover the coves which are numerous in the region. Les Deveses beach is a fine example with a large cove nestled in a pretty setting. The cove of Llanetes is also a large cove not to be missed  ! Puntal cove is one of the most typical coves that you should also absolutely see.

The creeks are also legion in the region. They represent a nice way to enjoy nature, while cooling off in the sea. The cala Aiguaoliva is very beautiful and is definitely worth the detour.

  1. The sport

Vinaros also offers many sports areas  !

the  Vinaròs Nautical Club  offers diving, fishing and water skiing activities.

If you like golf, discover the  Club Panorámica Golf, in Sant Jordi, just 11 km from Vinaròs.*

At the Ecuvin Equestrian Centre, you can benefit from riding lessons.

If you want to pick up speed, go for the kart circuit of the  Vinaròs sports and leisure complex.

In addition, the Aeroclub Maestrat-Vinaròs offers incredible aerial rides in an ultralight glider: so you can fly over the coast and enjoy a spectacular aerial view of Vinaròs, Peñíscola or the Ebro Delta.

the  Vinaros Tennis Club  offers great facilities for playing tennis, padel or the famous Basque pelota. To boost your form during the holidays, the city benefits from  many sports halls  who offer various courses.

As for the municipal facilities, you will find them in various places in the city.

the  municipal sports pavilion  located near the Cervol river, you will notably be able to play squash, go rock climbing or table tennis.

At the stadium  Ciudad deportiva, located on the Camí Fondo, opt for football.

The  athletics track is located in Calle dels Dauradors, near the Portal del Mediterráneo shopping center

the  skatepark, near the Cervol river, will allow you to skate but also bike.

Take advantage of the beach volleyball courts,  on the Fortí beach.

Finally, there are also  senior parks  to move in the open air and the terrain of  birlas  (skittles) and petanque.

If you like hiking, I invite you to discover sublime hiking routes to discover the region  !

  • Discovering local sites  :

The sublime region also allows you to enjoy the magnificent sites of Vinaros that we invite you to discover  :

  • The stately home Giner de Vinarós

Located in the heart of the city, this villa from 1914 houses the commercial activities of the Giner de Vinarós family, very famous among the inhabitants of the city.

It has a colorful facade and an extravagant style that bears witness to the liberal bourgeoisie of the early 20th century.

  • The Archpresbyteral Church of the Ascension

This fortified church is worth seeing  : of French design and Renaissance and Baroque styles, it served both as a place of worship and as a fortress.

Its construction, dating from the 17th century, began with the main tower and then with the communion chapel, attached to the church.

Its sublime emblematic bell tower was built for defensive purposes due to the conflicts that raged during the so-called era of the Catalan revolution, under the reign of Philip II.

  •  The Membrillera House

This sublime 17th century construction is known as CasaMembrillera, or Casa de Les coroneles.

Very well preserved, it presents a beautiful facade, a construction of four floors, around a very beautiful main courtyard. Discover these living rooms, beautiful kitchens and bedrooms where we would like to settle down  ! From its surprising dome with a telescope, know that you can benefit from the best possibilities of astronomical observation of the city of Vinaros.

  • The Hermitage of Mercy

Move a little away from the urban center of Vinaros to discover this beautiful 15th century building, famous for its paintings. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and to that of Saint Sebastian.

It is also called Hermitage of San Sebastian due to the pilgrimage dedicated to the saint that still takes place. It is very well preserved. Its architecture and its beauty represent a real cultural interest. Discover it by taking a tour of the temple, the stables, with their arcades, the hostelry and the “hermit’s” house.

It is located in a sublime natural and wooded environment, which will offer you spectacular views of the Ebro Delta and the Columbretes Islands.

  •  The Sainte-Victoire chapel

The Sainte-Victoire chapel was built in the 17th and 18th centuries to house the remains of Sainte Victoire, to whom there is a special cult in this city. This construction mixes the Baroque and Rococo styles, and represents an authentic vestige of what was the former church of Bishop Saint Augustine.

And of course, take advantage of the city’s restaurants, bars and other nightclubs to boost your stay!

As you can see, you can discover and enjoy sublime places in Vinaros in the summer.