The Carnival of Vinaros

The activities in the Vinaros region are numerous but the carnival is an event not to be missed. You will soon understand why !

Carnival in Spain

The Carnival period is an important time in Spain. The Carnival period takes place every February in the Iberian Peninsula. It’s a crazy week full of festivities. And its origins are ancient  : they actually go back to ancient festivals that honored winter under the Romans and the Greeks.

Carnival is festive and participatory  : it is celebrated in the streets and actually precedes the 40 days of Lent. Know that Carnival celebrations are organized throughout the peninsula. Thus, the most famous take place for example in Sitges (north of Barcelona), Cadiz (south of Spain). We can also mention the one in the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands) but also as you will see in Vinaros…

Once the week of Carnival is over, the Spaniards celebrate the burial of the sardine, this is called “el integerro de la sardina”. This last procession, which is a parody of a funeral procession, ends with the destruction by fire of a symbolic figure “a sardine” or any other representation, on Ash Wednesday. It is therefore as if we were burying the past to make room for spring and renewal.

The carnival of Vinaros

The carnival festival of Vinaros is celebrated every year before the feast of Lent and lasts for ten days. It is one of the most festive times of the year which takes place from mid-February. You shouldn’t miss it for any reason.

More than 30 groups participate each year, which gives it an exceptional atmosphere.  ! And the participants are not left out to set the mood  !

The Carnival of Vinaros has been declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest since 2007  : for the region of Valencia and the province of Castellón, it is an event that counts. Because the carnival has been attracting thousands of tourists for years who also want to take part in this exceptional event. It is an exceptional celebration that is full of good humor, colors and joy!

It is also classified as a festival of tourist interest at the national level, which is to say the importance it has for the country.  !

The Carnival of Vinaros takes place on the Fora Forat promenade precisely at Passeig de Fora del Forat in Vinaros.

Gorgeous costumes

In 2022, the event will take place from February 12 to 28.

An original event

It’s a carnival like no other for a lot of reasons. First of all, know that there are plenty of special days during this carnival: on Saturday and Sunday, we have parades not to be missed.

And discover the flour fight and the slumber party, where all spectators must come in pajamas. It’s something to see once in a lifetime  !

Here is the typical program of the Carnival of Vinaros  :

Friday  :

  • Carnival opening night
  • Arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes
  • Opening of the tents and the area dedicated to the carnival on the Fora Forat promenade
  • Arrival of the queens and their superb costumes

On Saturday

  • Queens Gala  : you will be able to see the beautiful costumes and the beautiful dresses of the girls who participate in the contest this year.


  • Flour fight, very popular with children and young people
  • dog costume contest


  • Seniors dinner


  • Karaoke competition between groups (comparsas)


  • Confetti Battle, another great night out for families
  • Theme party, according to the carnival theme set for the year


  • Pyjama party  ; everyone present on the carnival is in pajamas


  • Crazy night (Noche local)  : everyone arrives in the dedicated carnival area

Saturday and Sunday (last carnival weekend)

  • Main parades of the Carnival of Vinaros  : Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 6 p.m.

Monday (last day of the Carnival of Vinaros)

  • night of mourning
  • Burial of the Sardine and the Carnestoltes
  • Fireworks
Beauties of Vinaros

Do you know the character of Carnestoltes  ?

Don Carnal (Carnestoltes) is a funny character who comes to Vinaros every year  : its sole purpose is to trick the townspeople into committing sins and making it spiral out of control during the carnival festivities.

The Carnival of Vinaros is considered one of the most famous carnivals on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. It’s also a great way to experience a local Spanish fiesta and understand the Spanish way of life.

When we told you that the carnival of Vinaros was an event not to be missed  !

summer carnival

Know that in August there is another event not to be missed in Vinaros  ! This is a summer carnival that gives a taste of the big festival in February. The principle is to introduce tourists to the spirit of the carnival of Vinaros. With the presentation of the beautiful costumes, it is the way to make people want to come to the carnival of Vinaros to experience it fully in winter.

Find more information on the official website of the Carnival of Vinaros  !